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In C.M.G. We coordinate the different services that a company needs, we offer solutions and a benefit of reducing costs of personnel and time management that can cause the hiring of different companies. The aim is to improve the customer’s productivity and our goal is to adapt to their needs.

Diferent services

For your company

Mechanical installations
Mechanical adjustment
Mechanical manufacturing
Assembly of machinery
Modification and programming of assembly lines
(automatons and robots)
Recreations and repar of boats
Preventive and corrective maintenance
Welding of structures (Tig, Mig, Plasma)

Maintenance of the plants

Maintenance of the plants

We offer the option of contracting one or more maintenance services, as well as periodic inspections, preventive and corrective maintenance.

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Calibration of products


  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Competitiveness
  • Verified and calibreated measuring instruments
  • Trained staff and correct interpretation of results

About Us

Control Machine Guide, S.L

Is born in 2004 due to the demand of the companies to the increase of the outsourcing of functions and services which weren’t specific of their activity, optimizing resources, organitation and the control of the instalations.
Our activity and main motivation is to help our clients to concentrate on their main business activity. In order to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, provide solutions and ensure the quality and availability of equipment and systems.
CMG has a staff of more than 50 qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of industrial assemblies and other fields of expertise, both in technical personnel and in construction.


CMG takes a step forward in its efforts to improve and extends its services to Industrial sphere. Fruit of this effort was born in 2015 CMG METROLOGY, specialized in integral services of metrology and industrial calibration.
We offer our customers the best metrological solutions, offering Solutions that integrate both traditional metrology and the latest innovations Technological developments.


Engineering’s - 13 years of experience
Automotive companies13 - years of experience
Chemical companies - 8 years of experience
Pharmaceutical laboratories - 4 years of experience
Hotels - 7 years of experience
Theaters - 5 years of experience
Food companies - 9 years of experience

Choose us

The client can benefit at the level of economic cost of personnel and the management of the same when hiring our services:

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Companys working with us

Significant cost reduction

Avoid selection processes, eliminate long periods of hiring and non-concern of payment of social insurance, withholding, contract management, payroll management, supervision of staff, extraordinary payments, compensation, etc.

Quick response to your demand for professionals

For reasons of increased production, low work or for any reason had to urgently fill a vacancy, would have the technical staff needed.

Attention, precision and quality

We guarantee attention, precision and quality of the service, which is only achievable through the correct training of the workers of the different services.


Prevention, moreover, is a matter directly linked to our Corporate Responsibility. As a company, we are committed to safety and we ensure that each person who works with us fulfills their part to ensure their health.

Production structured and flexible

The production capacity is optimally structured and flexible, we adapt to a variety of needs.

Team with experience and qualified

We have a team with experience and qualified, who from the first day will offer the best conditions and facilities for you.

Fixed price

Hiring services at a fixed price, which provides ease in cost control.

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    You can hire the services of C.M.G. All types of companies that require qualified personnel for the development of their daily activity, regardless of the sector that come and regardless of their activity.